3 Days Close Protection Workshop with Instructor Zero, with a additional of another day optional CCW.

Students taking this seminar will learn how to develop a personal and close protection plan; self-defense firearms basics; violent encounters and their aftermath while protecting a client; and more. This is not a live-fire course, we will use the latest technology available in training aids to assist you in acquire the basics of the principles of marksmanship,

This workshops will prepare you with the ability to apply it in real situations. The training is suitable for security operators in both low-threat and high-risk areas. The fourth day is a CCW oriented for Military and Police personnel and all civilians who works in the fild of personal protection or for those of you who are thinking about working as close protection officers and wants to improve in the CCW tactical shooting skills.


The aim of the course is to increase participants skill level and confidence in concealed carry and acquaint the participants with modern tactical procedures of close protection while in concealed carry.

DATES: 22nd – 23rd – 24th November, close protection workshop

25th November, CCW @ the range (close protection mindset)

One Day Shotgun Workshop at Victoria Shooting Range … 26th November 2019

For more info : info@spartan-elite.training   –   paulsec720@gmail.com