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GT – Zero is a tool made from anticorodal aluminum bar with non-slip grip finish and black anodized color.
It consists of three main parts:
the tool holder body which is equipped with glass breaker l and with a seat-bit port with a magnet inside.

The shank or cap screw which is equipped with a punch in a 60 HRC hardened steel, flat back allows you to push with the palm of your hand, or with a rubber mallet for difficult extractions of pins.

The stainless steel clips, allows the tool to fit easily inside a pocket, has a dedicated form that can be used to adjust aimpoint optics and any optic system with a screwdriver.
The clip also has a hole to be able to attach a lanyard and make the tool quickly identifiable and removable.

The Tool GT – Zero is supplied as three-bit basis, one with measuring 0.3×2.5 notch suitable for the adjustment of the rear sights,
a hexagonal bit 3mm for binding adjustment of piccatinny rails accessories and much more, a bit dedicated for removing the front sight on a Glock pistol.

The Tool GT – Zero can be customized by each user on the basis of what he uses, buying single bits in ironware and without having to carry around a lot of screwdrivers.

Technical data:
Length 100 mm
Diameter 20 mm
Weight with standard equipment (3 pieces) 65 grams
anticorodal anodized aluminum material
Clip stainless steel

8 in stock

Additional Information

Weight 250 g


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